• Automates the identification of network attacks, such as DDoS, and provides a multi-level defense, while tracking detailed information necessary to stop the attack permanently.
  • Application firewall features protection against SYN floods and URL based online attacks.
  • Available for download or quick launch on public clouds like AWS and the HP Cloud, offering virtually unlimited cloud resources for maximum protection.
  • Your current environment does not have to be cloud-based, to use us on a cloud provider. Simply launch aiProtect on a cloud data-center and place it between the internet and your back-end.


aiProtect protects your application from Denial of Service and and other web based attacks, by pre-processing all HTTP traffic and isolating more vulnerable components at the network layer. It automates the identification and mitigation of Denial of Service (DoS & DDOS) attacks, while providing detailed reporting that also allow you to end attacks permanently on a network level.

Our PCI compliant multi-level defense enforces sanity rules on incoming requests and isolates the origin environment protecting valuable assets while eliminating most common online attacks.

How to take this further?

You can fill in your domain and select the DDoS template on the configuration step:

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Or contact us for a configuration that is specific to your needs:

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