What is aiScaler?

aiScaler is an all-in-one Application Delivery Controller (ADC), which increases the traffic your origin servers can handle, by up to 20 times, providing greater stability and reducing the time from click to content. A number of websites in the Alexa top 1000, already use aiScaler to manage their high-traffic websites and reduce page loading times. See our case studies »


  • You can deploy aiScaler with one simple config file or use our web-based deployment tool.
  • A number of websites in the Alexa top 1000, use aiScaler as their preferred choice to manage their traffic. See case studies »
  • aiScaler can be combined with aiProtect and aiMobile for one easy configuration. This adds DDoS defense and mobile content delivery.
  • Diagnostics & Monitoring on over 200 critical metrics – Advanced CLI, web and SNMP interface for management, monitoring and troubleshooting. Monitors and reports health of origin servers while allowing hot swap of servers failing health check.
  • Our unique adaptive architecture, optimized for speed and low resource utilization, can deliver over 250,000 HTTP requests per second. For encrypted traffic, aiScaler manages HTTPS termination with over 2Gbps of raw AES256 bulk encryption resulting in over 15,000 RSA-1024 sessions per second.
  • We support customer-specific code running at the edge with an easy to implement plugin architecture.

How can a virtual network appliance compare to hardware appliances? Watch the video:

Did you ever wonder how you can cache dynamic queries? This playful video explains it:

For more technical details:

How to take this further?

A fully functional trial is available for download. We also provide pre-configured, ready to run aiScaler instances on popular Clouds such as: Amazon EC2, Rackspace, Rightscale and the HP Cloud. You can deploy and configure within minutes, using the web-based deployment tool. For site-specific optimizations and troubleshooting, we provide 2 hours of free personal assistance. To learn how we can help your site, please reach us on phone, email or Skype for a no hype discussion. Contact us

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