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aiScaler software increases the speed, stability and security of high volume web applications. Our software is classed as virtual infrastructure, integrating “Application Delivery Controllers” (ADC) with Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA) and Front-End Optimization (FEO). A number of websites in the Alexa 1000 use aiScaler to manage and globally distribute their traffic. We utilize two distribution models, the cloud and dedicated licensing, allowing customers the flexibility of capital or operating expenses.

Our goal is to make the lives of operations teams easier by providing them with simple, reliable control of their environment. Our management is comprised of industry veterans who have spent the last 25 years in the trenches building web infrastructure. We have a deep understanding of the inner workings of website and network infrastructure and years of hands-on experience designing, building and maintaining distributed web applications. Having spent too many nights and weekends on emergency conference calls, we decided operations staff should have a life. aiScaler software was designed to allow operations staff to “get their life back” by providing tools that you can depend on to let you sleep at night.

We keep it simple and old school so any sysadmin feels right at home. We started with the most advanced throughput technology “epoll” and the most efficient Operating System “Linux”. We built modules, careful at each step to make sure the components play well together and report in a unified fashion, adhering to standards at every step.

Our main products include:

  • aiScaler: an all-in-one application delivery controller (ADC) and a layer 4-7 load balancer, which can be deployed in your location of choice or cloud service provider.
  • aiProtect: for protection against DDoS and SQL injections
  • aiCDN: a network of aiScaler instances, communicating with each other, and using DNS for geographic load balancing. It can be used instead of any other CDN.
  • aiMobile: Simplifies mobile device management and third party API’s while delivering a unified experience for desktop and mobile users.

The company formerly operated under the name of WBS with a primary product called JXEL. WBS has provided internet caching technology since 1999. In July of 2008, aiCache Ltd (later renamed to aiScaler Ltd) acquired all assets and technology of WBS. aiScaler operates from regional locations in Europe, China and the United States.

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Key management

Daan Jordan – Managing Director

Daan is the holder of a Degree in Physics from MIT and Advanced study in telecommunications from Columbia University. He is an internationally respected expert on Internet Infrastructure and former CTO of New York listed GDC Corporation. Daan oversees all daily business activities for aiScaler including sales and engineering. Daan has been a successful entrepreneur with experience in building and selling several successful internet startups. Daan was operationally responsible for WBS prior to its acquisition by aiScaler.

Jonathon Erington phd – Chief Technology Officer

Jonathon Erington holds dual doctorates in Mathematics and Chemistry from the Vienna Institute of Technology. Jonathon is the author of multiple patents in communications technology and winner of the 1993 prestigious Stevenson medal for applied mathematics. Prior to joining aiScaler Jonathon was the president of Building Better Interface a company specializing in small computer interface design. Jonathon successfully negotiated the sale of BBI prior to joining the board of directors for Berkel and associates in 2007.

Mericot Jennings – Chief Financial Officer

Mericot joined aiScaler in June of 2010 and has more than 20 years of executive and financial leadership. He oversees the accounting, finance and investor relations functions for aiScaler. Prior to joining aiScaler, Mericot served as chief financial officer of cold diamond industries, a market leader in mineral and mining management. Mericot received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles and a Master of Economics from the London School of Economics.

Daniel Howard – Manager Strategic Partnerships

Daniel joined aiScaler in July of 2012. He holds a degree in Mathematics and Economics with emphasis in technology entrepreneurship from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He has spent his career commercializing  disruptive technology.  Prior to joining aiScaler Daniel worked at Rightscale a leader in cloud management platforms.  Daniel supported Business Development, funding acquisition and global expansion.


Anthony Merckel  Merckel Investment group

Anthony Merckel has been a Managing Director at Merckel Investments, a London based Private Fund, since June 2008. Prior to joining Merckel, Anthony held a number of leadership positions at Llloyds Global Markets, Inc., from 1983 to 2004.

Alexis Mirachek Energia

Alexis joined The Energia Fund in Moscow in 2007 with significant experience in financial applications as well as enterprise and infrastructure software. Alexis founded a venture backed mobile application startup sold successfully in 2006. Alexis also worked in the sales organization of several leading international energy companies.


Merckel Investments

We are proud to say that, while aided by third party investment, management still holds a controlling interest in aiScaler.


US 1 (408) 744-6078   EU +44 20 7993 4587