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aiCDN™ – The CDN for dynamic pages

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aiCDN is a private CDN, that uses aiScaler cloud instances as your private points of presence (PoPs).

aiCDN lets you create a global network of virtual Application Delivery Controllers, which directs incoming traffic to the physically closest aiScaler server, by using latency based routing. Multiple aiScaler servers are peer-aware, making sure that dynamic content is always fresh. Content is expired from cache globally to ensure a uniform experience for users worldwide. If any node goes down, traffic is redirected to the nearest remaining aiScaler node. This approach ensures both low loading times and High Availability.

Incoming client traffic is routed to the nearest server on a DNS-based approach, using one of our DNS partners. aiCDN can be installed on a public cloud provider, or on any server with an Intel or AMD based processor (x86-64). You can test and deploy aiCDN nodes within minutes, by launching them as  pre-configured, ready-to-run instance, on popular clouds such as, Amazon EC2Microsoft Azure and Centurylink.


  • Dynamic Site Acceleration.
  • Cheaper Content Delivery without contracts or minimums.
  • Realtime monitoring, reporting and alerting.
  • SSL acceleration.
  • Admin fallback to local or remote site.


There was a time in the 90’s when the Internet backbone was congested, users where on slow dial-up and web sites where static.  To deliver content quickly required placing thousands of servers around the world and deploying expensive private networks.  This Era gave birth to the CDN’s, an expensive but necessary way to move static files closer to users. Things change…

Today regional backbones are not congested, websites are dynamic and users are on broadband.  The benefits offered by the CDN are primarily limited to large file distribution (video).  Superior performance for modern sites can be achieved with a few dynamic endpoints that reduce geographic latency.

Modern websites are generated by the web, app, and database tiers, personalized to the user. These sites are served much faster by intelligent caches that recognize dynamic content and can deliver it selectively, even if only for a few seconds.

Deploying aiCDN, on a cloud like Amazon Web Services, in 2 to 5 locations worldwide and routing your users to the nearest cache, is faster than a CDN. Even better, its as a fraction of the cost, with greater control, and real time data that lets you know exactly what your end user is experiencing.

There are no minimums, contracts or commitments. Demo environments are easily deployed and professional services support is available. Non-cloud based based endpoints can be configured and traffic can be set to share or bleed over to a CDN for ease of transition and redundancy.

More detailed information about aiCDN is available on the Wiki below. In the past aiCDN was known as Dynamic Cloud Caches (DCC), some information might still refer to that name.
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