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All-in-one video streaming solution.

aiScaler offers an all-in-one solution for large-scale video streaming sites. aiScaler can:

  • Accelerate metadata with dynamic caching, decreasing the time from click to content.
  • Scale audio and video streams. Increases the capacity of your media server by 3.5 times on the same hardware (tested with AMS)
  • Mobile device detection and redirection, allowing a unified domain structure (i.e. no .mobile subdomain) and serving the right content to the right user (e.g. mobile ads to mobile users; no 1080p to devices with 720p; etc.)
  • DDoS mitigation, by enabling features from aiProtect.
  • Serve geocontent: restrict content to different geographical regions.
  • use public cloud providers, to temporarily expand capacity in a cost-effective way.
  • Load-balance among your origin servers and provide automatic server failovers, to make sure your website stays online, when one of your origin servers malfunctions.

aiScaler support all HTTP based video streaming, like Adobe Media Server, Wowza and Red5.

Accelerate metadata with dynamic caching

Video streaming websites start out much like a an e-commerce store. The difference is that the end-product is a video-stream, instead of a physical product that is shipped to the customer. Everything before starting the stream is very similar to a web-shop: a customer may login, browse through products, select what they want to watch, make a payment, watch ads, rate the product, write comments on the video etc.

Most of these processes can be cached, even though it may seem difficult at first: content changes rapidly and different visitors may have to see different content. aiScaler can scale and accelerate this process, by using Dynamic Site Acceleration and our superior caching performance. This allows for a more responsive user-experience, while reducing costs, by saving calls to database and web-servers. Every large-scale streaming service faces these problems, whether your site is serving on-demand content or broadcasting live events.

Scaling audio and video streams

aiScaler can cache audio and video-streams themselves to increase capacity of your origin servers. This feature is especially useful, when scaling videos with a high number of simultaneous viewers, like live sport events. It can increase the number of viewers by up to 3.5 times, in comparison to a stand-alone media server. See performance report»

Mobile device detection and redirects

aiScaler can detect, group and redirect mobile devices, based on their user agent and screen-resolution. aiScaler can group devices, by searching for patterns in their UA and then adding a header to the request (for example: tablet, mobile and desktop). This means that -even currently unknown- mobile devices of the future, will still be redirected to the proper content, without the need for updating the database of user agents.

aiScaler unifies the domain structure for mobile and desktop sites (i.e. no .mobile subdomain). This allows mobile users, to share links on social media, while still allowing desktop users to open those links, get directed to the proper content and vice-versa. Search-engines like Google reward a unified URL structure with higher page rankings, equal to sites with a responsive design. It allows you to maintain separate (existing) mobile and desktop sites on the back-end, while users access your website through just one domain. Mobile users will be redirected automatically to the appropriate user-interface, video stream and advertizements. See more on aiMobile»

DDoS mitigation

Prevent downtime and improve security by detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks and enforcing sanity checks against SQL injections. When detecting a DDoS or SYN flood attack, aiScaler sends an email alert to the system administrator and starts throttling suspicious traffic automatically. It follows by sending an optional warning to offending IP addresses, before blocking offending IP addresses from reaching your origin servers. All offending IP addresses are logged in a text file, that you can download through any normal browser. See more on aiProtect»


aiScaler can serve different content to different users based on the visitor’s ip address. It allows for serving of -or blocking of- content to different geographical regions.

Cloud deployments

aiScaler can be clustered and deployed on public cloud service providers, like AWS and Azure, which enables you to rent aiScaler by the hour. It allows for a hybrid cloud model, in which case your media servers can remain in your permanent (private) environment, while aiScaler is temporarily deployed on the cloud. Then, in the case of large-scale events, like the final of a football tournament, you can enable the aiScaler instances. This temporarily increases capacity, without capital investments for your private environment.

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