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aiScaler launches on 64 bit linux

Posted by on October 25th, 2010

aiCache.com Web Application Accelerator Launches On 64 Bit Linux
Businesses looking to scale web applications and cut cost will be pleased to see that the state of the art in web application acceleration can now be downloaded and placed on standard hardware running any of the open source 64 bit linux.

PRLog (Press Release) – Jan 08, 2009 – Aicache.com a leader in web server caching has released its flagship product completely written in C’ and optimized for the unparalleled capabilities offered by the modern 64 Bit linux.

Aicache is a Website acceleration product. It takes these basic ideas of caching frequently requested content and brings them to the next level. Alone with enhancing end-user experience and dramatically slashing load on, and requirement to, the normally available with any other products.

Aicache is 100% C application, custom written for maximum performance and flexibility and runs under most popular Linux distros.

It utilizes the EPOLL mechanism, available only on Linux that offers unmatched scalability and performance for network IO, translating to ability to serve tens of thousands of simultaneous clients off a single server (solving the famous C10K dilemma) with virtually 0 overhead, utilizing a very limited number of threads (processes) – around 6 !

Test results show that under favorable conditions (fast clients, smaller, cacheable responses) single Aicache instance running on a Intel(tm) Core 2 dual processor system is capable of serving close to 9000 req/sec.

Aicache’s main features at a glance:

Dynamic Caching & Sharing of Web Content, including GET and POST

Flexible document freshness control, including cookie-driven control (since rev 3.10+)

On-demand header-driven cache expiration

Selective log suppression

Automated time or size-based log file rotation

Three different ways to monitor Aicache: CLI, Web and SNMP, with extremely rich set of statistics available.

Perl-like (extremely flexible and de-facto Internet standard) regular expression mechanism to control most of it’s behavior, or simpler string matching.

Feature rich command line interface (CLI): full set of statistics, inventory check, document expiration and removal, log file rotation and more

Load balances requests across a number of “origin” Web servers

Monitors health of origin servers, periodically and with content matching

Aicache is a right-threaded2, lightweight, fully pipelined non-blocking application

Security features, including protection against malformed request

RAM-based caching for unsurpassed response times

Built-in comprehensive Health Monitor

Configurable on-the-fly compression

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