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Epoll enabled Linux provides fastest caching on earth

Posted by on October 25th, 2010

Fastest web serving on earth can only be run on the advanced multiplexed EPOLL mechanism provided by 64 Bit Linux.

When aiscaler.com wanted to move their web acceleration software from Java to C’ they took a long look at the available operating platforms. After months of testing it became clear that 64 Bit Linux  offered the most  efficient network I/O model.

The multiplexed EPOLL mechanism is without question the most powerful option available. No other systems offered this particular mechanism or scale.  Honestly nothing is anywhere close to how EPOLL scales.

Using this technology on 64 Bit Linux, Aicache is capable of caching all of the HTTP Get and POST requests in RAM, never on disk.

32 bit systems would have limited the offering to 3GB of RAM space per process.

The 64 bit systems do not have this limitation and there’s no practical limit to how much memory can be available to a process.

Using 64 Bit open source linux as its platform and utilizing the EPOLL mechanism Aicache serves tens of thousands of simultaneous clients off a single server, while solving the famous C10K dilemma, with virtually 0 overhead.

This is done utilizing a very limited number of threads, only 6.

Test results used fast clients and small cached responses.  A single Aicache instance, running on a Intel Core 2, dual processor system was capable of serving over 250,000 req/sec.

Thanks to Linux 64 and EPOLL, this performance is achieved using a distribution of the Aicache software, that is under 68 Kilobits.  For you old school Atari 2600 fans you will understand what that means.

“We feel that the open source Linux world has provided a platform that is technologically better than anything else in existence.”  For us its made all the difference. –  Max Robbins CO

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