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Catchpoint Systems, the leading provider of web performance testing and monitoring provides an excellent service that allows us to continuously measure the improvements aiScaler brings to slow web sites.

Catchpoint allows site to measure and monitor their site performance and availability from various vantage points on the Internet. We use Catchpoint to validate the performance enhancement of aiScaler.

Our folks are skilled with the Catchpoint Performance Monitoring service. We will measure your site using Catchpoint with and without aiScaler.

aiScaler can be tested against your environment without interrupting the existing site operations. You can spin-up an aiScaler instance on the Amazon Web Service EC2 platform, and set up a real world test environment, that does not effect your existing operations.

With this instance in place we can measure using Catchpoint your existing environment, with and without aiScaler. If you are not satisfied with the result we will not charge you for the professional services time to implement aiScaler and the Catchpoint tests.

To put it simply, we demonstrate an increase in performance to your satisfaction or it costs nothing.

About Catchpoint

Catchpoint was founded in September of 2008 by four former Google/DoubleClick technologists. The company offers an application performance-monitoring platform designed for today’s complex, dynamic and distributed IT infrastructure. Catchpoint delivers a platform that combines synthetic, real end-user, and internal monitoring functionality into a single solution to provide a real-time and complete view into the performance and health of websites and online applications. With benefits for the entire IT team, Catchpoint believes that speed, availability and reliability are all key pillars of a company’s existence, long-term viability and overall success.

To learn more about Catchpoint or to start measuring performance visit http://www.catchpoint.com, email sales@catchpoint.com or call +1-646-727-4557.

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