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Full Page Caching

Full page caching is caching the entire HTML page, so that it doesn’t have to be generated again for the next user. This video explains what full page caching is, and how dynamic websites can benefit from it:


Full page caching for even a few seconds can make a tremendous difference. Imagine a URL that receives 100 requests a second. Without full page caching, each and every request will head straight to the origin servers. Most likely it will also need to make requests to your app servers and DB servers. All of this slows down your website and takes up expensive computing resources.

If you enable full page caching for just 5 seconds, then the origin server will only see 1 request every 5 second. That is 500-time reduction of traffic to your origin! This could be the difference between a site that cannot stay up -even with dozens of origin servers (and matching number of App and/or DB servers)- or a site whose footprint can now be reduced to just 2-3 origin servers !

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