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We believe scaling web apps should be easy. aiScaler is the result of a lifetime of putting that belief into practice.

aiScaler reduces the time from click to content, allows global distribution without changing architecture and provides real time protection from online attacks.

Our intelligent caching and traffic management, removes load on the web, application and database tiers, reducing complexity and cost.

aiScaler runs in your datacenter, in the cloud or deployed as remote endpoints.

Product Overview
Scaling websites made simple

See how Dynamic Site Acceleration can  increase speed, scale and stability giving your users a better experience.

aiScaler Mobile

Take the pain out of mobile client management and solve remote API speed issues.

Denial of Service Protection

Four layer automated DoS and DDoS protection that Increases your site perfromance.

Virtualize your stack

Commodity solutions for Traffic management, security and Dynamic Site Acceleration.

AWS based Dynamic Cloud Caches

Content distribution globally using the Amazon cloud and aiScaler.

Get Proprietary hardware out of your stack

See how aiScaler can remove the cost and complexity of multi-vendor hardware stacks.

  • aiScaler

    More users faster content without changing architecture.More

  • aiProtect

    Protect your core infrastructure from DoS attacks. More

  • aiMobile

    Serve the right content to the right device fast. Mitigate dependencies on third party API's..More