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aiScaler is the swiss army knife of web applications, providing Traffic Management, Dynamic Site Acceleration, and DDoS protection.

aiScaler makes your sight fast, scalable and secure in a single integrated solution.

We provide Highly Available solutions that let you sleep at night on your gear or in the cloud.


  • Alexa Top 1000 websites, use aiScaler to manage their traffic. See case studies
  • Superior speed, scale and stability without changing existing environment.
  • Realtime Monitoring on over 200 critical metrics.

The tech:

  • Our unique adaptive architecture, optimized for speed and low resource utilization, can deliver over 250,000 HTTP requests per second
  • 2Gbps of raw AES256 bulk encryption resulting in over 15,000 RSA-1024 sessions per second.
  • Automated Mobile identification and URL management

 Industry Comparisons:

  • Cloud comparison aiScaler, F5 Big IP & Citrix Netscaler. Report
  • aiScaler with Cloudfront, Limelight & Akamai Report


  • Free engineering support.
  • Supported as preconfigured deployments in the cloud.


Why virtual appliance are better than proprietary solutions.

Top performance through Dynamic Caching. This playful video explains it:


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A fully functional trial is available for download or deploying in the cloud. We provide 2 hours of free personal assistance. Please contact us by phone, email or Skype for a no hype discussion.

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