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Case Studies aiScaler


  • CNBC.com #1

    CNBC.com uses aiScaler as a reverse proxy for load-balancing, caching and serving up to 250M quotes/day. CNBC is one of the world´s largets business news channel operated by NBCUniversal. The combined reach of CNBC and its siblings is 390 million viewers around the world. Case study #1 »


  • CNBC.com #2

    Follow-up case study, after one year of using aiScaler: Case study #2


  • Woot.com

    Woot.com is an e-commerce store and a subdivision of Amazon.com. It runs a high-traffic website belonging to the top 250 of most visited websites in the USA (Alexa ranking #212 -June 2013). Woot.com chose aiScaler web accelerator instances running on the Amazon EC2 cloud to manage their traffic spikes. Case study »

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