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Solutions Overview

Increase Capacity

aiScaler implements session management, superior caching performance and offloads tasks from backend servers, like SSL termination and data compression. By putting aiScaler in your stack, you can handle 10-15 times as many RPS1, without any code changes to the backend.

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Decrease Page Loading Times

aiScaler reduces the time from click to content, especially for dynamic web applications, by using a combination of:

  • Full Page caching
  • HTTPS caching
  • Prefetching responses from your own origins or third party domains.
  • Preloading responses of rarely requested URL’s, by warming up the cache.
  • Session driven cache control, that serves different cached responses, based on the presence/lack of certain cookies. This is especially useful for sites with a registration/login policy.
  • Response driven cache invalidation. This ensures cache freshness for all visitors, when one visitor changes a dynamic website, for example by posting in a message board.
  • Content driven cache control. When a dynamic object is present on a page -like a survey or poll- it disables full page caching, until that dynamic object stops changing.

Mobile Content Management

aiScaler can detect, group and redirect mobile devices, based on their user agent, and serve the appropriate content to each device. aiScaler can group devices, by searching for patterns in their UA and then adding a header to the request (for example: tablet, mobile and desktop). This means that -even currently unknown- mobile devices of the future, will still be redirected to the proper content, without the need for updating the database of user agents.

Prevent Downtime and Improve Security (DDoS Protection)

Prevent downtime and improve security by detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks and enforcing sanity checks against SQL injections. When detecting a DDoS or SYN flood attack, aiScaler sends an email alert to the system administrator and starts throttling suspicious traffic automatically. It follows by sending an optional warning to offending IP addresses, before blocking offending IP addresses from reaching your origin servers. All offending IP addresses are logged in a text file, that you can download through any normal browser.


Advanced rewriting and redirecting of URL’s

Rewrite and redirect URL’s before they reach the origin, for example http to https and vice-versa. It is also possible to redirect a specified percentage of visitors, or conditionally redirect URL’s, when server- load reaches a certain threshold.

Serving Geo-Content

aiScaler can serve different content to different users based on the visitor’s ip address. It allows for serving of — or blocking of — content to different geographical regions.

Video Streaming Acceleration for HTTP Based Streaming Software

aiScaler accelerates HTTP based video streaming software, like Adobe Media Server, HLS and Wowza. This is especially helpful when broadcasting streams with a large number of simultaneous visitors, like sport events.


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