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Cloud Computing

aiScaler is perfect for cloud computing with its ability to run in virtual environments. We are deployed on a number of Tier-One cloud providers as pre-built images that you can simply turn on as needed. These capabilities are currently available on Amazon Web Services  and Windows Azure

Why virtual appliance are better than proprietary solutions.

Top performance through Dynamic Caching. This playful video explains it:

aiScaler in the cloud is a cost-effective approach to content distribution, application acceleration and DoS protection. Our simple pricing models allow you to provision capacity on an as need basis, paying only for what you use. This operating versus capital expense model ties your cost directly to your revenue. Cloud computing and aiScaler allow you to scale-up on demand and just as importantly scale-down to manage your budget.

aiScaler instances in the cloud contain the complete aiScaler functionality including mobile support, comprehensive site protection and reporting functionality.

How to take this further?

If you’re a cloud pro, you can simply turn on an instance by following step by step instructions in our online Wiki. If you are new to the cloud please try our deployment tool, or contact us for simple real world answers, to learn how aiScaler in the cloud can help your business.


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