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From traditional message board systems to full featured social networks, aiScaler is there for community web sites, enabling them to scale to any volume of traffic. Regardless of technology or content from php to .NET, home improvement internet dating, aiScaler delivers a complete set of benefits.

From the home page to dynamic message boards discussion threads or social network user profiles, aiScaler has the flexibility to cache the right content for the right amount of time. Even when caching for just a few seconds, you can realize very significant offloading factor, reducing the traffic that normally flows directly to your web, application and database servers, to just a minute trickle and dramatically reducing the requirements on the infrastructure.

  • Cache user generated content with programatic control of cache invalidation.
  • Balance traffic based on logical rules including re-write of URL’s.
  • Unlimited scale with a simple architecture.

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  • aiScaler saves the day We run 30 or so quad extra large boxes in EC2. When our dedicated load balancer gave way to inbound traffic, we approached aiScaler to assist us. They deployed aiScaler literally within minutes. We have discovered that it does wonders with caching and has allowed us to remove half the nodes from our app server setup already. Thanks aiScaler. -Echo Media

  • Easiest caching server we've found We were looking for something to help keep as much load as possible off our Windows origin servers. Our website is subject to extreme spikes in traffic, and there are make requests that can be cached. We've now used aiScaler during several large events, and the CPU is hardly pressed at all. The support from aiScaler had been excellent. They were able to create a new feature for us in under 24 hours. -ScribbleLive.com

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