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Many business have built successful and profitable e-commerce web sites. As the market becomes more sophisticated new competitors enter the market daily. From massive online retailers to niche boutiques, the ecommerce market has never been more active or more competitive.

  • PCI Compliant acceleration.
  • Denial of Service identification and protection.
  • Complete SSL and Session offload.

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  • aiScaler saves a lot of money We use aiScaler at Giant Digital in front of our load balanced AWS hosted servers on Scalr. Although occasionally we do experience high loads that spawn multiple DBs or web servers for the most part aiScaler deals with 99% of the traffic that's thrown at it and this is for 20 million+ pages a month servers. -www.gigwise.com

  • Easiest caching server we've found We were looking for something to help keep as much load as possible off our Windows origin servers. Our website is subject to extreme spikes in traffic, and there are make requests that can be cached. We've now used aiScaler during several large events, and the CPU is hardly pressed at all. The support from aiScaler had been excellent. They were able to create a new feature for us in under 24 hours. -ScribbleLive.com

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