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  • Increase the traffic your mobile application can handle by up to 20 times. Learn more»
  • Decrease page loading times of mobile sites and apps. Learn more»
  • Remove mobile sub-domains and unify your URL structure, without backend changes. Learn more»

The mobile holy grail

aiMobile simplifies serving mobile apps and websites. aiMobile is an Application Delivery Controller, with a focus on managing mobile traffic. It enables fast content delivery to any mobile or desktop device, while ensuring the appropriate content is served to the correct device. On top of that, it offloads your application servers, allowing more mobile users and lower page loading times.

aiMobile can re-write mobile and desktop content on the fly, even if generated from two different sites or systems. We unify traffic for all devices under a common naming scheme that makes sure your users, search engines and social media connections are flawless. aiMobile delivers these device specific content as Dynamic Cached objects that reduce the time from click to content and allow you to massively scale your system under load.

Mobile device detection & traffic control

aiMobile provides a simple mechanism for grouping and tagging the thousands of different mobile devices, matching screen sizes and interface capabilities that can affect the quality of your content delivery.

aiMobile tags all incoming request, either through user-agents dictionaries, or by using regular expressions – for simplicity and unknown devices. This unique method of identifying user-agents even allows for correct detection of future -currently unknown- devices. You will know precisely what content to serve to which device.

  • Specific cookies can be set -for each tag- to enable elegant session management for different groups of devices.
  • aiMobile can override the time to live based on UA tag, in case we want to render content server side, such as ads for mobile.
  • To manage exceptions, Content Management URL’s are re-written to desktop format, auxiliary content is ignored to maximize performance and search bots are re-directed to the proper content, protecting your search engine marketing investment.

Mobile site acceleration

aiMobile uses a group of techniques called Dynamic Site Acceleration, to reduce the time from click to content and offload origins. These includes:

  • Device-specific caching. Create groups (based on form factor, screen-size, resolution or operating system)  and serve cached objects to all devices within the same group. This prevents the costly regeneration of pages for identical requests.
  • aiScaler’s superior HTTP(s) caching algorithm, for full page caching and dynamic web caching. Read full report»
  • pre-fetching third party API calls, which eliminates dependencies on slow mobile ads.

This results in lower page loading times, while your application can handle up to 20 times the amount of traffic – without changes to your backend environment. Read our performance reports»



Unifying domains

A website might have several subdomain for different users: a mobile.abc.com, a tablet.abc.com and a regular www.abc.com. A lot of websites have this domain structure, but it has two problems: bad SEO results and incorrect social sharing.

  • The SEO problem: search engines see the mobile and the desktop domain as separate pages and consequently they will both rank lower, than one unified URL.
  • The social sharing problem: users share links on social media, that doesn’t work (correctly) on a different device. A mobile user might share a link on Facebook, but his friends opening that link on a laptop, will see an error – or get redirected to the domain’s home-page. Sometimes desktop users will even be served the mobile page or vice versa.

aiScaler unifies the URL structure for mobile and desktop sites, for users, search-bots and social media connections. This allows you to maintain separate mobile and desktop sites on the backend, while users see just one URL. Search engines like Google reward a unified URL structure with higher page rankings, equal to sites with a responsive design. This also allows mobile and desktop users, to share links on social networks like Facebook, while seeing different, device-specific content, on the same URL. All of this can be accomplished, without moving to a responsive design and without backend changes.


How to take this further?

A fully functional trial is available for download. We also provide pre-configured, ready to run aiScaler instances on popular clouds such as: Amazon EC2, Azure, Rightscale and the HP Cloud.

For site-specific optimizations and troubleshooting, we provide 2 hours of free personal assistance. To learn how we can help your site, please reach us on phone, email or Skype for a no hype discussion.

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