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aiScaler is there for News providers enabling sites to scale up to any volume of traffic. From sports coverage to financial news or current events, aiScaler delivers a complete set of benefits for your business.

From your home page to breaking news, aiScaler has the flexibility to cache the right content for the right amount of time. Even when caching for just a few seconds, you can realize very significant offloading factor, reducing the traffic that normally flows directly to your web, application and database servers to just a minute trickle and dramatically reducing the requirements on the infrastructure.

  • Faster content to the end user.
  • More users on less infrastructure.
  • Realtime traffic reporting and alerting.
  • Ability to cache protected content (logged in users).

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  • aiScaler saves a lot of money We use aiScaler at Giant Digital in front of our load balanced AWS hosted servers on Scalr. Although occasionally we do experience high loads that spawn multiple DBs or web servers for the most part aiScaler deals with 99% of the traffic that's thrown at it and this is for 20 million+ pages a month servers. -www.gigwise.com

  • aiScaler saves the day We run 30 or so quad extra large boxes in EC2. When our dedicated load balancer gave way to inbound traffic, we approached aiScaler to assist us. They deployed aiScaler literally within minutes. We have discovered that it does wonders with caching and has allowed us to remove half the nodes from our app server setup already. Thanks aiScaler. -Echo Media

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