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  • Real time reporting on 200 metrics with smart alerting.
  • Transform the http stream to optimize backend resources.
  • Control of third party API’s.

aiScaler provides real-time data on exactly what is happening with your site now, and sophisticated alerting that identifies issues before they affect your customer experience.

With a straight forward, easy to understand syntax, you can alert on any of over 100 metrics using our web reporting or via SNMP feed to your existing management system.

aiScaler allows you to transform the HTTP stream, optimizing transactions for your backend environment. You can intelligently re-write, redirect and even apply your own logic via our programmable modules.

You can control third party dependencies, by caching or pre-fetching the API calls, particularly useful when dealing with mobile clients.

We provide health monitoring and load balancing for both HTTP and HTTPS, optimizing internal resource utilization, while pulling non-performing resources out of rotation.

There are dozens of additional services, useful at scale, including log file management, admin fallback, and web server of last resort, all controllable by code or directly from the command line.

We understand the challenge of running a popular site, more traffic means larger infrastructure and more complex support systems. Each level of complexity increases the probability of outages, reduced performance and complete site meltdown.

aiScaler architecture provides a simpler development platform for scaling. Taking advantage of the programmable cache control tools, your developers can deploy features faster, at scale, with predictable results.

In short aiScaler is an integrated tool, to understand and control what is happening, in real-time, and what has happened over time.

We have heard from our customers that they first thought of our slogan “Get your Life Back.” as a marketing gimmick, but after deploying our product, they came to realize that it has, in fact, become a reality for them!

We invite you to reach out via email, phone, or chat for a no hype conversation.  We provide support and professional services for complex environments.

Our solutions are available as fully functional downloads, in the data center, or can be run in a public cloud. We would be pleased to support a non-invasive proof of concept in your real world environment. Please let us know how we can help and thank you for the time to review aiScaler.

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