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Sub_host Testing

The following example show how to create a server with a different Domain name to be used to test aiScaler without requiring a local change of host file
Customer: We are trying to get our aiScaler instance to become http://cache.xyz.com.  We would like when we make a request to http://cache.xyz.com that we get back results from http://www.xyz.com
aiScaler Support: This can be done using the “sub_host” function. We need to modify the existing aicache.cfg
aiScaler Support: Make sure you have a DNS entry for cache.xyz.com that points to the aiScaler IP Address.
Customer: Okay DNS entry is in place to point cache.xyz.com to the IP address of the server running aiScaler
aiScaler Support:  Add “sub_hostname www.xyz.com”
aiScaler Support: Effectively, you’d go to it as “cache.***” but aiScaler would fill against the origin with the rewritten header of “www.xyz.com”
aiScaler Support: This way everyone is fooled and happy as long as all the links are relative.
aiScaler Support: Below that, add the www back
aiScaler Support: “sub_hostname www.xyz.com”
aiScaler Support: Without the quotes
aiScaler Support: hostname cache.xyz.com            # MUST CHANGE to your own hostname
cname   zyx.com.com
cname   www.xyz.com
sub_hostname www.xyz.com
Customer: and it works!
Please find more details on this in the Admin guide linked on the left.
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