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Getting Started CenturyLink

Step 1: Deploy the Blueprint

Open the CenturyLink Blueprints library and search for aiScaler, aiProtect or aiMobile.

Press on “Deploy Blueprint”.

Enter the basic server details like root password and service level.

You can also enter the first domain and origin to configure aiScaler for (optional).

Press on “next: step 2”.

Review the details and finally press on “deploy blueprint”.

Once the deployment is complete, you will find the public IP of the server by opening the CenturyLink Dashboard and clicking on “Infrastructure”.

Step 2: Modify aiScaler configuration (if needed)

Connect to the server over SSH. On Windows you could use PuTTY.


Configuration file is located at: /etc/aicache/aicache.cfg

To edit the configuration:
nano /etc/aicache/aicache.cfg

To restart aiScaler:
service aicache restart


To verify that aiScaler is working by running:
service aicache status

Step 3: Test your site accelerated by aiScaler

You should be able to access the site by opening the public IP in browser. Depending on your origin web server configuration, this may not always work. In that case update your DNS to point to the public IP of aiScaler or add an entry in your local hosts file.

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