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Getting Started on Microsoft Azure

In this guide we’ll help you create a pay-by-the-hour aiScaler virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure platform. There are other licensing options available, contact us for more information.

aiScaler Instance Deployment

Follow this link to our Azure offering. Select “Create Virtual Machine” to start the process. You will be prompted for your Microsoft account.

You will now see the create VM dialogue in the Azure portal. Enter the following data.

  • Host Name: Give your aiScaler instance a name, e.g. “frontend01”.
  • User Name: This is your administrative account user name.
  • SSH Public Key: Paste your SSH public key here. See this guide from Microsoft for more information. You will need this key to upload the configuration later.
  • Pricing Tier: Select your VM characteristics.
  • Subscription: Select Pay-As-You-Go.
  • Location: Select the location closes to this hosts users.

At last select Create.

Creating the Configuration

To create your configuration run the Wizard at http://aiscaler.com/deploy. In Step 4 Deployment, select “Private deployment” and then “Download my configuration file”. The deployment tool does not currently support uploading the configuration to Azure automatically.

You will now need to copy the configuration using SSH. See this guide from Microsoft for more information about SSH.

We will now overwrite aiscaler.conf. Type the command:

# cat > /etc/aiscaler/aiscaler.conf << EOF

Now paste the configuration file into the terminal. After pasting press ctrl-D or write EOF and press enter.

To ensure your new configuration has been loaded, restart aiscaler:

# service aiscaler restart

 Advanced aiScaler configuration

aiScaler is highly configurable and has a wide range of parameters which you can tweak to suit your needs.

Please download aiScaler administration guide for details on how to configure aiScaler.


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