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aiVideo OTT video scaling

aiVideo is a dynamic caching engine designed to scale HTTP video platforms. Our caching servers are able to stream, without errors, 3x to 10x the number of requests handled by your video server. This allows you to build a very thin origin server environment, while allowing the caching engine to manage scale.

aiVideo servers can be placed geographically close to end users, updating the cache from a single origin environment. aiVideo has been independently tested at multiple Gigabits per second, running at line speed with zero errors.
aiVideo provides DDoS protection andDisaster Recovery capability, with automatic failover to an alternate video stream. aiVideo is easily deployed using AWS EC2 instances, can be set up in minutes and only charges you for time used, with no minimums and no term commitments.

Powerpoint presentation of testing cloud based OTTvideo at Gigabit speeds with zero line errors.

aiScaler support all HTTP based video streaming, like Adobe Media Server, Wowza and Apple HLS.

Scaling audio and video streams

aiScaler can cache audio and video-streams themselves to increase capacity of your origin servers. This feature is especially useful, when scaling videos with a high number of simultaneous viewers, such as live sporting events, or time sensitive content.  It can increase the number of viewers by up to 3 to 10 times, in comparison to a stand-alone media server. See performance report»

DDoS mitigation

Prevent downtime and improve security by detection and mitigation of DDoS attacks. When detecting a DDoS or SYN flood attack, aiScaler sends an email alert to the system administrator and starts throttling suspicious traffic automatically. All offending IP addresses are logged in a text file, that you can download through any normal browser. See more on aiProtect»


aiScaler can serve different content to different users based on the visitor’s ip address. It allows for serving of -or blocking of- content to different geographical regions.

Cloud deployments

aiScaler can be clustered and deployed on public cloud service providers, like AWS and Azure, which enables you to rent aiScaler by the hour. It allows for a hybrid cloud model, in which case your media servers can remain in your permanent (private) environment, while aiScaler is temporarily deployed on the cloud. Then, in the case of large-scale events, like the final of a football tournament, you can enable the aiScaler instances. This temporarily increases capacity, without capital investments for your private environment.

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