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On-premise pricing – also applicable to BYOL on the cloud

aiscaler_core aiscaler_core_dos
200 Mbit/s $3,995 $1,995 $5,995
1 Gbit/s $7,995 $2,995 $11,995
5 Gbit/s $15,995 $7,995 $23,995
Uncapped $31,995 $13,995 $47,995
Additional services
Professional Services (PS) These services can be contracted on an hourly basis with a 3 hour minimum. 2 hours included with every core license.

Support package 50 Hours of professional services for implementation and optimization.

Annual Maintenance First year of annual maintenance is included in the purchase price of a production license. After that:

20% of production license (required)
QA license Non-production license, to be installed for quality assurance. Can only be acquired with 2 production licenses. Please note we also offer an unrestricted 30 day free trial.

50% of production license
Core features
Dynamic cache control, including caching GET and POST requests
L4-L7 Load balancer, using either round robin, weighted distribution or least connections.
SSL termination
Cluster support for uniform invalidation of cache & communicating of DDoS blacklists and server outages.
URL rewriting and redirection. On-the-fly and high performance, using regular expressions for URL matching.
URL rewriting – proportional; rewrites only a certain percentage of requests.
URL rewriting, based on mobile User Agents (UA)
Connection Management: offloading the task of dealing with client network connections.
Monitor origin servers, using CLI, web-interface or SNMP
Fallback mode to keep your site up even in case of backend failures
On-the-fly response compression
Geo-content; region-based restrictions of serving content.
TTL-bending, response based, for TTL assignments to unknown responses.
Unlimited Domains: support for unlimited domains is included in all licenses
Mobile traffic control
Mobile site acceleration with device specific caching: group devices and enforce group-specific full page caching.
Catch and redirect mobile clients right at aiScaler, sparing unnecessary hits on CMS servers
Unifying of domains (i.e. merge desktop and mobile domains without backend changes)
Preload/pre-fetch third party API responses
Mobile device detection of known devices based on User Agent databases
Mobile device detection of unknown devices, based on pattern matching of the User-Agent.
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