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Reduce development time with scaling tier

  • Spend time coding features, instead of scalability.
  • Dynamic cache tier reduces code complexity.
  • Move performance to Ops not Dev.

The challenge of performance at scale
Lets see if this sounds familiar. Your executive management wants new features to beat the competition. Your operations team wants perfect code that scales. You just want to code cool stuff.

As a developer you spend a considerable portion of your time making sure features scales within your exiting environment. Something that has nothing to do with the functionality. Your busy with queuing, micro-caching and authentication. In short, making sure your new feature does not break the existing site. You spend more time on test and dev than on the feature itself.

Coding applications that perform and scale is hard. It is time consuming to meet site’s functional and design requirements, without having to worry about performance. This exactly where aiScaler can help.

Simplify development with aiScaler
With aiScaler you can stop spending time with layers of micro-caching and inevitable cache consistency nightmares. You don’t need code performance reviews. You simply hand the code to the scaling tier and your back to feature development.

With aiScaler in the mix, performance, resiliency, and reporting become concerns which you, as a developer no longer have to worry. No matter the tools of the trade – PHP, Java, Ruby or ASP, your code will perform at scale.

Configuration handled by Ops not Dev
All of the configuration lives outside of your code which can be modified on the fly to meet demand. aiScaler let development develop, while making ops happy with clean deployment and management thrilled to move ahead in the market.

Please let us show you how to shave 60% of your time off the development and deployment of new featurs with aiScaler.

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