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Product overview


Application Delivery Controller

aiScaler is an all-in-one application delivery controller (ADC) and layer 4-7 http load balancer, with an emphasis on Dynamic Site Acceleration.

  • Non Proprietary hardware footprint
  • Support AI-rules for custom traffic management
  • Easy-to-implement plugin architecture

Site Acceleration

Pages load faster with over 250,000 RPS (requests per second) served directly from aiScaler; freeing capacity in the web farm. HTTPS support with over 2Gbps of raw AES256 bulk encryption throughput and over 15,000 RSA-1024 sessions per second on common 64bit hardware. Flexible pattern matching and TTL’s give precise control of the cache configuration. Flexible document freshness controls including cookiedriven and on-demand header-driven cache expiration.

Diagnostics & Monitoring

Advanced CLI, web and SNMP interface for management, monitoring and troubleshooting. Monitors and reports health of origin servers while allowing hot swap of servers failing health check. Built-in smart, non-flooding alerts on RPS, response time, number of client or server connections. Complete web and SNMP stats on 200 Metrics Highly Available, cluster aware with VIP support.

Cloud Deployed

aiScaler is available from top cloud providers, allowing rapid deployment and scaling without capital expenditure.

aiScaler is available on:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure

Mobile Support

Identifies mobile devices and serves the correct content based on capabilities of device. Prefetch feature accelerates mobile ad-serving of non-cacheable responses, such as slower 3rd party Advertising APIs.

Protection & Security

Industries most advanced DOS (Denial of Service) and DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection including reverse-turing and access tokens. Protects against malformed URL’s with detailed reporting on malicious attacks. Admin fallback feature keeps site operational during a catastrophic failure.

The Extras

Load balances requests across a number of origin web servers. Supports server pooling. Enforces cache authentication for sites requiring logged in users. SEO friendly on the fly URL re-writing. One single simple text file configuration. No XML!

aiScaler provides 30 day fully functional evaluation copies, 2 free hours of installation support and professional services engagement for more complex environments.

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