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aiScaler Enables Acceleration Of Sites Requiring Registration And Log

Posted by on October 25th, 2010

aiCache allows you to cache a site’s content and enforce the registration/login policy. Users that are not logged in or registered, will not be allowed to view cached content and will be subject to normal handling; i.e. “asked to register and sign in to view the content.”

Let take an example news website “www.acmetimes.com”. The site allows users to read a short synopsis of  articles before requiring registration.   The user login is enforced by a session variables or user cookie, which validates each subsequent request after registration.
Without this validation any cached content would be available to non-logged in users.During peak news periods the site must generate thousands of requests a second.  It is unable to use caching, because of the validation, and must scale by adding more web, application and database servers.With aiScaler front-ending the site, session-driven content caching can be enabled. This capability offloads session validation to aiScaler and allows you to enforce the registration while enabling the content to be accelerated. This is accomplished without changing the architecture of the existing site and is available for data-center and cloud applications.

aiScaler now off-loads request processing from the Web, Application and Database servers, reducing the required amount of servers, space, power, cooling and the complexity of code your site requires to sustain high volumes of traffic.

aiScaler accomplish this by intercepting and responding to client requests from a RAM-based cached-response engine. Using a unique architecture, optimized for speed and low resource utilization, aiScaler delivers in excess of 45,000 HTTP Requests Per Second while managing hundreds of thousands of connected clients. This is accomplished on your own hardware running any common 64 bit Linux distribution.

With the implementation of  aiScaler session-driven content caching, sites that previously where unable to use caching and acceleration technologies can now obtain the same benefits of low cost, secure scaling, previously available only to public sites.

Specific technical reference can be found in the Admin Guide under session-driven content caching.

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