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aiScaler scales advertiser supported sites with pre-fetch technology

Posted by on October 25th, 2010

Websites depend on ads served by third party consolidators to generate revenue.  These consolidators API’s to enable the correct advertisement to be shown and analytics collected.  These API’s support multiple customer sites and are subject to wide variations in performance.  Site using these services suffer under heavy traffic conditions based on poor response time from the ad URL.

aiScaler provides an elegant solution to this with pre-fetch technology.

aiScaler allows you to configure a set of slower URLs to pre-load. It then pre-fetches and actively maintain a queue of fresh responses When these are requested, aiScaler instantly serves the pre-fetched response.

By tailoring pre-fetch settings you can optimize the site so all responses are pre-fetched. aiScaler collects and reports on pre-fetch statistics simplifying this task.

Each second, aiScaler analyzes the queues of the advertising URL’s. When a queue contains too few responses, aiScaler requests additional ads to maintain the optimum number.  When a request comes for any advertising URL, aiScaler removes a response from appropriate queue and sends it to the browser. The result is the website never waits for an advertising response.

aiScaler provides a few seconds of queuing, ensuring an accurate set of statistics for served ads allowing accurate fast serving of content that scales independent of the performance of the advertising API.

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