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aiScaler Small and Medium Amazon Instances available

Posted by on March 13th, 2012

We are excited that Amazon Web Services has heeded the cry for more economical 64 Bit linux instances. We are now proud to offer aiScaler Small and Medium instances across all seven AWS networks.

The inclusion of these smaller instance sizes substantially lowers the cost for smaller sites to use aiScaler technology. We have already deployed the instances through the Devpay program and they will be accesible on March 24th, 2012.

These sizes will open the doors for sites needing a smaller CPU and memory footprint to access aiScaler on Amazon EC2. Since deploying on AWS we have repeatedly heard from smaller customer that the Large instance size was a barrier to utilizing the Dynamic Caching. This should resolve that issue.

aiScaler continues to maintain consistency in pricing across the AWS offering. Our pricing will remain 2x the cost of the base AWS image.

aiScaler is a single ascii text configuration file. This means that moving between instance sizes as your requirements change is as easy as transferring a single file to a new instance and moving the Elastic IP. This can be done on the fly without interruption to ongoing operations. We are also providing a new configuration, test, deployment and monitoring tool online.

We are very pleased to grow our Amazon offering and super psyched to see smaller customer enabled with the new instance types. We will continue to offer our two free hours of setup and deployment at no cost regardless of instance size.

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  • Posted by Wagner on March 29th, 2012

    Great article Dave. Your noecsd point really resonates with me: architect your applications to deal with failures. As many others have pointed out Netflix uses Amazon EC2 and they experienced zero downtime because they assumed that a data center might fail and they validated that their entire application stack could survive such an incident. -Mike

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