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aiScaler and Amazon bring the cloud home.

Posted by on November 25th, 2010

aiCache web acceleration instances are now available on the Amazon Web Services platform. Companies looking to reduce cost, scale their web applications and bring stability to their environment can now front-end their websites using aiScaler technology in the cloud.

aiScaler instances can reduce resource utilization in the web farm by 50 to 80% by capturing traffic before it hits the web, application and database servers. The availability of Amazon EC2 instances allows companies, for the first time, to move their traffic from their local data-center to the take advantage of the stability and speed and stability of aiScaler, while leveraging the world class infrastructure of Amazon.

Applications already on Amazon can immediately take advantage of the aiScaler, by simply by initiating the aiScaler AMI from the Amazon Solutions Catalog.

The combination of Amazons instant scalability, acceleration and rich reporting from aiScaler make a powerful combination for businesses looking for scale, stability and cost reduction.

“We feel the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud,
with its ability to run the 64 Bit Linux instances, that make the aiScaler technology possible, is the best of all possible worlds for on-demand growth. With Amazon providing hourly billing these instances can be configured for hours, weeks, or on a permanent basis, depending on the needs of our customers.

We created this service to allow set-up, testing, and validation, all without interruption of the existing application. We have made it as easy to realize the advantages of virtualization and caching in the cloud. We look forward to helping customers build better, more scaleable applications; the kind that let them spend their evenings with their families. -Max Robbins aICache.

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