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AWS Shield vs aiProtect

Posted by on May 31st, 2017

Amazon Web Services has recently introduced two Denial of Service products. Please find below a comparison of the services with aiProtect.

Please note that the free service provides virtually nothing. It will not protect you from, or notify you of a Denial of Service attack. In fact it gives the illusion of having protection in place while providing no protection.

The AWS Advanced service is a nice service. It is unfortunately very expensive and not nearly as feature rich as you will require if under a real attack.

aiProtect provides a superior service to either and is priced at about 10% of the premium service. Please review the future comparison below and feel free to reach out to us for questions. We provide two hours of free installation support.

Feature AWS Shield Standard AWS Shield Advanced aiProtect
Monthly $3000 (Business+ support plan is additionally required) $60-300 USD
Hourly 2-3x of instance cost
Subscription commitment None 1 Year None
Support 3-10% of monthly AWS bill 3-10% of monthly AWS bill $175/hr
SLA Instance SLA
Active Traffic Monitoring
Network flow monitoring
Automatic always-on detection
Application traffic monitoring
Attack Mitigations
Protection from common DDoS attacks (e.g. SYN floods, ACK floods, UDP floods, Reflection attacks)
Automatic inline mitigation
Additional DDoS mitigation capacity for large attacks 1
Self-service application layer (Layer 7) mitigations 2 2
DRT-driven application layer (Layer 7) mitigations 3 4
Rate limiting
Fallback on error
Visibility and Reporting
Layer 7 attack notification
Layer 3/Layer 4/ Layer 7 attack historical report
Raw access logs
DDoS Response Team and Support
DDoS protection best practices/architecture review 5  4
Custom mitigations during attacks 4
Post attack analysis 4
Web Application Firewall (WAF)
API access/integration  6
Flexible rules engine
Fast rule propagation
Pricing Yes, see pricing Included at no additional charge with AWS Shield Advanced Included at no additional charge
  • aiProtect combines multiple products: application load balancing, caching and protection
  • aiProtect is considerably cheaper
  • aiProtect provides more configuration flexibility
  • aiProtect can reduce AWS bandwidth costs when used on-premise (internet -> aiScaler with traffic filtering and caching -> AWS)
  • aiScaler helps avoid vendor lock-in with portability to all platforms.

1 With autoscaling; 2 Using AWS WAF; 3 With DDoS Response Team; 4 With hourly support; 5 Self-service; 6 CLI

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