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Denial of Service protection on Amazon and Azure (DDOS)

Posted by on September 4th, 2015

The year 2014 ended on a high note for hackers as the news of the high-profile distributed denial of service, or DDOS, attack on Sony dominated the news coverage for weeks. In April 2011, Sony experienced a DDoS and security breach that together cost the company upwards of $171 million.

Studies show that DDoS attacks are on the rise. In the last year alone, DDoS attacks increased by 90%. What’s more, as with Sony, companies that have experienced a denial of service attack once are often attacked repeatedly.

The sheer size and growing sophistication of these botnets has led to heightened interest in countermeasures and mitigation techniques. Companies cannot afford to simply wait and see, when revenue losses from DDoS attacks are being reported in excess of $100,000 per hour of downtime.

When it comes to DDoS protection, successful mitigation highly depends on a company’s ability to monitor and analyze traffic patterns in real time. The sooner a potential threat is detected, the better chance a company has to fortify itself against costly denial of service attacks.

DDoS protection can be broken it down into three key components: DDoS Identification, DDoS Mitigation, and DDoS Ending.

aiProtect excels at performing each one of these functions.  aiProtect is a proxy, placed between the internet and your back-end, which protects your application from Denial of Service and other web-based attacks by pre-processing all HTTP traffic and isolating more vulnerable components at the network layer. It automates the identification by alerting you on increased or erratic traffic patterns.  It mitigates Denial of Service (DoS & DDOS) attacks using IP throttling, white and black listing and reverse turing tests. Finally  aiProtect gives you a real-time list of offending addresses that allows your network provider to end the attack.

DDoS is a complicated and difficult issue that requires good practices and excellent software.  The availability of aiProtect on AWS and Azure in preconfigured instances simplifies deployment of protection, whether your environment is in the cloud, or in the datacenter.

 Video walk-through of aiProtect deployment on AWS.

aiProtect is available for download in your own environment or cloud-deployed as pre-configured instances on Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services instances can be activated without any additional hardware, software or other integration requirements and without interrupting your ongoing operations as shown here:


Our site was under attack (DDOS) for several weeks, and it took us a long time to find the correct solution for this. First, we tried very expensive solutions, but not only could we not keep paying for the service, but the service was not that good. From the very first day we tried aiScaler, we realized that this was the solution we were looking for.” Alejandro Celis (AWS review)

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