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Google Website Optimizer Amazon ElestiCache wheeee…..

Posted by on August 24th, 2011

We spent the first year at aiScaler explaining that aiScaler is not memcache. We hope it will take less time to explain we are not Google or Amazon.

When asked what we think about Google website optimizer and Amazon ElastiCache our response is…its about time!!

So in short order what this means for aiScaler? A bit more industy awareness of the importance of scalable architecture.

It helps to understand that ElasticCache is memcache. Its the same facility for providing an in-memory cache for developers to optimize databases for application servers. If your not doing this currently, you should.

Efficient use of memory based caching can dramatically increase the speed of content generation. It is also an excellent resource for static object retrieval, similar to a CDN or traditional static cache like Squid.

aiScaler sits at a different tier, in front of the web server at the HTTP layer. We provide a massive increase in the distibution of dynamic content by caching requests before they hit the web, app, and database.

In short the two technologies should be used to optimize the creation and distibution of dynamic content. We applaud AWS for providing necessary component of modern app development. We look forward to accelerating these sites.

Google’s entry into optimization is great for sites without the resources or sophistication to write good code. This puts companies like Aptimize and Strangeloop squarely in their sites, (pun intended). In our opinion these where always temporary technologies. Managing the number of round trips in http transactions and more efficient handling of small auxillary content is handy, but is largely making up for bad code and inefficient http implementations. One can be solved by good code and the other by incremental industry improvement. In general, at scale, I don’t want anyone screwing with my code or content.

The thinly veiled entrance of aiScaler into the CDN market is a problem for CDN providers like Akamai & Limelight. We think the CDN business is a dying beast (see DCC). We believe more sophisticated network delivery in inevitable. We hope google brings something great to the table.

Meanwhile back in aiScaler land we will continue providing our unique value proposition of allowing you to massively increase the speed and scale of your dynamic website, without architecture change.

Google, Amazon welcome to the party, drinks are on us.

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