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Last man standing; CNBC soars with aiScaler & Dyn on the largest financial news day ever.

Posted by on October 25th, 2010

In the last 12 months CNBC.COM deployed aiScaler for their main financial and mobile websites.  In December  they moved the to our Dynamic Cloud Cache (aiCDN), a solution based on aiScaler instances with  geo-routing by Dyn.com.


On the 6th of May the financial market moved over 1000 points and drove the highest financial news traffic day in history.  Details of the event as reported by the New York times are here:

TechCrunch said that at the peak of the sell-off, Web sites were “failing left and right.” The TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler wrote, “Google Finance keeps bringing up an error message to ‘please try again in 30 seconds.’ Yahoo Finance, meanwhile is completely down. Trying to look for the news via Twitter, meanwhile, yields mixed results. At one point when the Dow was down about 1,000, plenty of people were still tweeting that it was down 400. Others were saying it was down 600, etc. The problem is that the ‘realtime’ web wasn’t even fast enough for how fast things were crashing.”

During this unprecedented peak period CNBC.COM and its Mobile site had the highest traffic day ever:  While the rest of the industry was unable to keep up with the demand of the market for information, CNBC performed flawlessly without missing a single page view using the aiScaler and Dyn.com solution.

Press Release CNBC

aiScaler is proud of the hard work done by the engineering team at CNBC and superb quality of its partner Dyn.com. We look forward to continuing support as their important mission of serving the financial community continues.

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