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Log File Management aiScaler

Posted by on March 22nd, 2016

Logging access information is one of the least exciting yet important aspects for many web sites. Some web sites are driven by advertising revenues and have to provide usage statistics based on (or verified by) the information that is available in the log files – as opposed to outsourcing such analysis to external Web Analytics provider.

Some websites perform significant post processing on the log files for various data mining, troubleshooting and other purposes. Thus it is crucial to collect all the relevant information in the log files.

Simplifying and speeding up logging routines and overall log-related workflow is also important, especially for larger sites. aiScaler provides advanced logging capabilities:

Demonstration of Log file management in aiScaler



  • It collects much more information in its log files compared to a typical web server.
  • It can suppress logging for non-essential requests, that too often end up polluting and increasing size of log file, while no adding no value.
  • It allows to decimate, by a configurable factor, access log files – ideal for sites with heavy traffic, where you still want to collect a small sample of traffic for troubleshooting purposes, but cannot afford to log every request.
  • You can opt not to process/collect/log User-Agent header value, resulting in marked decrease of log file size.
  • You can opt not to process/collect/log Referrer header value, resulting in marked decrease of log file size.
  • It allows for on-demand or size-based instantaneous log file rotation, with no downtime or user impact.
  • In addition to traditional access logging, it can collect and log a rich set of run-time statistics. Every few seconds these are generated and written out to statistics log file. aiCache reports RPS, response times, number of outstanding client and origin server connections, response cache size and other crucial system statistics.

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