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AWS instance type guide

aiScaler has no software limits and its performance is only limited by the instance it runs on. To ensure optimal operation you need to consider your requirements, as bandwidth or requests per second, and choose accordingly.

AWS doesn’t provide the exact numbers about how much bandwidth each instance type offers, only a table with figurative values as Moderate and High which approximately correspond to the following values:

Low to Moderate: 100-500 Mbps (35-180 rps*)
Moderate: 400-800 Mbps (150-300 rps)
High: 600-1000 Mbps (250-420 rps)
Very High: 5000-10000 Mbps (2000-4000 rps)
10 Gigabit: 10000 Mbps (4000 rps)
20 Gigabit: 20000 Mbps (8000 rps)

* rps (requests per second) were calculated based on average 300KB per request. Note that a full page view involves multiple requests (html, images, css, js) and takes 1800KB in average.

Our recommendations for production setups:

Minimum: Moderate
Standard: High
Optimal: Very High

Avoid the Low to Moderate bandwidth instances. While they can provide a relatively good short-time (burst) performance, they will degrade severely under a sustained load.

Example A:

Problem: You are under a DDoS attack of 5 Gbps
Solution: 5 aiProtect instances with a High bandwidth or 1 with Very High

Example B:

Problem: You need to accelerate a site with 20000 daily visitors
Solution: 1 aiScaler instance with a Moderate bandwidth

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