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aiScaler and Wowza Media Server on Amazon AWS Cloudstack

This guide will help you set up a Wowza Media Server with aiScaler as a front-end on AWS Cloudstack.

Accept Wowza licence agreement

To get started you first have to accept Wowza’s AWS marketplace license. Follow this link, select “Continue”. On the next page select “Launch with EC2 Console” and then “Accept Terms”.



Create AWS Cloudstack

First download¬†our template, right click and select “Save as”. Then open the AWS Cloudstack Console.

Give your stack a name, for example “MyWowzaStream”, select “Upload template file” and choose the template you just downloaded. Select “Next Step”.

On the next screen you will be presented with some options, first the kind of instance EC2 instance you would like to create. Remember to fill in the “KeyPair” field with the name of your EC2 SSH keys in case you need root access to the instances.

The “WowzaLicenseKey” field strictly optional, only if you have obtained a license directly from Wowza. Leave it blank and you will be billed as per the AWS Marketplace rate, see above.

Select “Next Step”. On this screen you there are advanced options for SNS notifications and tags. “Next Step” will bring up a review of your choices, click “Create” to create and start your stack.


Once your stack has been created it will say CREATE_COMPLETE.

Accessing your Cloudstack

The “Outputs” tab will provide you with URLs, instance hostnames and passwords for your new stack.


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