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Test and taking aiScaler live

There are two ways to test aiScaler.  The simplest is to modify your host file on your local machine to make the aiScaler server look like the main server.
Details per system are available here:
The following example shows how to create a server with a different Domain name to be used to test aiScaler without requiring a local change of host file, i.e. aicache.xyz.com that answers to www.xyz.com.
Once you have tested the aiScaler caching server with a single user using the hosts file or other testing scripts and you see no issue.  The next step is to move live traffic to the aiScaler instance.  There are three methodologies with the Pros and Cons listed below.
If you have an installation with a load balancer this is the easiest method to take aiScaler live.
We recommend putting the aiScaler instance into rotation with a small percentage of the requests.  Let aiScaler run for some time keeping an eye on the caching statistics.  You can gradually increase the percentage of traffic.  If you see any issues you can take aiScaler out of rotation to tune the configuration. You can opt to keep aiScaler in a load balanced environment or after a period move the DNS records.
PRO: Ability to test gradually.
PRO: Ability to instantly remove traffic if there is an issue.
CON: Load balancer introduced an additional hop and complicates traffic flow.
Pointing DNS IN A record to aiScaler instance ip address.
PRO: All traffic will go directly to aicache instances (no extra hop), also there are no additional costs
CON: if something goes wrong it will take some time to fall back to original DNS IP address mapping
(DNS servers worldwide do caching of name-ip records)
aiScaler can be configured using geo-routing, similar to Dyn.com.  This allows you to quickly move traffic between one or more aiScaler servers and/or Origin servers. Please see our section on aiCDN for more detail.

Testing your live instance

Point your browser to the address of the server and add /aiscalerhelp, for example xx-xx-xx-xx-xxx.compute-1.amazonaws.com/aiscalerhelp. If aiScaler has started correctly, you should see an HTML page, displaying a “help reference”. After you have changed the settings at your DNS provider, this should work for your domain name too, for example: http://www.cnbc.com/aiscalerhelp or http://www.readyflowers.com/aicachehelp (for older versions)


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