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Magento Configuration

You’ll find details here for organizing a quick configuration of aiScaler for your Magento site. You can deploy these files on your own server or use an instance of aiScaler on the AWS network. In either case, you do not need to move your site or change your configuration. Please keep in mind that we also provide two free hours of installation and optimization support as well as professional services for general architecture.

The configuration file makes use of pattern matching and cookie detection for detecting which parts of the site contain personalized content for the user and thus can’t be cached. In some cases, an aicache0ttlcookie is sent to the client (see the 0ttl_urldirectives in the configuration file). This is necessary since some of the features don’t set their corresponding cookie immediately and thus we need an “early warning” system.

This general configuration will get you rolling quickly. We strongly recommend doing some advanced optimization to maximize the cache hit ratio. Let us know if we can help.
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Magento config file

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