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DNS Made Easy

The Global Traffic Director from DNS Made Easy provides geographical source-based IP routing which allows the administrator to optimize traffic flow based on the geographical location of the end user. Traffic can be regionally divided among different servers or data centers which can greatly increase the performance of DNS by segmenting traffic.

The Global Traffic Director service uses the IP Anycast network of DNS Made Easy to identify the geographical location of the querying client and allow the administrator to define a specific route to a specific server regionally. It is useful if you have multiple different servers located around the world and you want to direct a specific query to the closest server; for example, directing your clients in Europe to a European cloud while directing clients in the United States to a cloud in the United States. This traffic management is done in real time with DNS Made Easy’s Peregrine Instant DNS updates.

Combining Global Traffic Director with additional services such as DNS Failover and System Monitoring or Load Balancing services will allow a network administrator to optimize network performance while also ensuring availability and redundancy of network nodes.

US-East US-West Europe Asia
  • Geographically distributed query response – optimized performance for DNS
  • Network administrators can build a multi-tiered load balancing and DNS Failover solution in conjunction with the Global Traffic Director.
  • Redirect traffic around problem network nodes or outages.
  • Segment global traffic for faster access to cloud and data services.
  • No additional hardware or software required.

Setting up the Global Traffic Director service is effortless and propagated instantly. GTD is configured per domain within DNS Made Easy. With GTD service enabled on a domain name, any records added to that domain are defined with a geographical region of choice at creation time. That record is then only announced in that specified region.

The Global Traffic Director service is $660.00 per domain per year added onto our Business Membership or $540.00 per domain per year added to our Corporate Membership. Global Traffic Director service for one domain is included in our Corporate Membership.

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