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Getting Started Azure Marketplace

aiScaler instance deployment from the Azure Marketplace

Step 1: Open the marketplace and search for aiScaler


Step 2: Choose the desired aiScaler edition. You will be presented with aiMobile, aiProtect and aiScaler, all in two versions: BYOL and Hourly (hover over the icon to see the full name). Note: all of the editions provide the same functionality, only the bundled configuration differs.

Step 3: Verify details and press Create Virtual Machine.


Step 4: Configure the VM. You will need to enter a name for the machine, user name, provide a password or a SSH key and finally, choose the instance type and location. Press Create when done.


Step 5: Find the virtual IP address and DNS name of the machine on the details page (you should be redirected here after the VM launches).


Step 6: Allow the machine to accept HTTP connections. On the details page press Settings and open Endpoints. Add an Endpoint named HTTP with TCP as a protocol and 80 as both the Public and Private Port.


Step 7: Log in using SSH and the credentials you have entered in Step 4.

Step 8: Edit the aiScaler configuration to work with your site.


sudo nano /etc/aiscaler/aiscaler.conf


listen from " 8080" to " 80"
hostname to your domain
origin to your origin server IP address

Add after hostname:

cname machine_dns_name_here
sub_hostname your_domain

Restart aiScaler:

sudo service aiscaler restart

Step 9: Testing. You should now be able to access your site by opening the machine DNS name (*.cloudapp.net) in browser. You can also add your site domain in the hosts file on your local computer together with the machine IP to test against your actual domain.

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